Beards Are Back

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The beard has been a symbol of authority, wisdom and masculinity as far back in antiquity as we are able to peer. Kings, scholars, mystics and holy men all proudly wore long, full beards as a testament to their maturity and experience. The Spartans used shaving as a form of punishment to mark a man as a coward, and the Pharisees even plucked out the beard of Christ in an attempt to humiliate and discredit him.

It is said Julius Caesar proclaimed that all of his men were to be clean-shaven, as not to give the enemy an opportunity to grab their facial hair during battle. To this day, soldiers all over the world are beardless, not to prevent a handhold for their opponent, but to provide a proper seal for their gas masks. Down through the ages, to shave or not to shave has rode the waves of popularity, dictated by the tide of fashion. But if you do the math, it turns out that shaving is the fad.

BECOMING A ‘BEARDSMAN’: Today everywhere you look, more and more men, young and old, are embracing their follicular freedom. There are TV shows dedicated to facial hair, such as “Whisker Wars” featuring Jack Passion, a man who makes his living solely off of his epic beard.

You would have to be a complete recluse not to have been bombarded with “Duck Dynasty” merchandise, almost always featuring the hirsute faces of the Robertsons. Men are even seeking out the help of dermatologists to get beard implants, costing thousands of dollars.

I began my journey as a “Beardsman” in earnest on Sept. 30, 2013, when I vowed that I would not shave for at least one year, otherwise know as the “Yeard.”

A man’s beard goes through many stages, but any “Beardsmen” will tell you it takes a good six months of unaltered growing to find out just what your beard's full potential is.


neil on

On this list if you’r eunsure what I mean.

Rolf on

1 out of 4 is pretty poor aogtluhh i did metion Fam and Durden. Some other Americans are the former Stanford duo of Jonathan Riley and Gabe Jennings.One other who wasn’t a distance runner but would have been a very good 800 runner was Edwin Moses….

Kadija on

Beard Key:Anthony Famiglietti is top left, and Benji Durden is top right. Greg Meyer is bottom right, and you had Kennedy corcert.I was going All-American, but yes, absolutely, how could I forget Viren!?Boss, there’s no substitute for heard-earned experience, eh? Take care of your caveman. :) [url=]bgahsjlrfpw[/url] [link=]mifiljpvywx[/link]

Preet on

Eric, he does all sorts of things wiutoht consullting me. (And then is surprised when things don’t turn out well.) But, to be fair, when I offer good advice, he doesn’t always listen to it anyway. Mike has his own way of doing things…the very, very hard way.

Dutt on

You were going to shave it off without asikng the Boss?! What kind of household do you live in?Good decision. I think everyone should rock a beard in the summer. Bunch of dopes running around, sportin’ beards and whatnot…Scooter, your penance shall be to grow a beard. Otherwise, !

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