20 reasons to grow a beautiful beard

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1. A beard even makes George Clooney look more awesome.

2. When you have a beard, you can look at people like this and then they will do whatever you want them to do.

3. If you're a man with the face of a newborn babe, you ought to BEARD it! This is proof.

Source: guyism

4. Look at how rad this regular guy is with his beard vs. with no beard.

Source: Kornichon

5. Don't you want to BRO this man? You do. I can tell.

6. Beards make pirating possible.

Source: weknowmemes

7. Beard vs. Baby face. BEARD ALWAYS WINS.

8. Oh, look. Beard still remains undefeated.

Source: smashingpark

10. Beards make selfies infinitely interesting. I just double tapped my computer screen because I wanted to "like" this guy's beard on Instagram.

11. A beard can make you look like another person. If you want a clever disguise, beard it.

Source: seenaw

12. No clean dishes? Eat out of your beard!

Source: wifflegif

13. Beards grow faster than you'd think.

14. People with beards make sunsets look manly.

Source: Pinterest

15. You can make some serious statements with your beard. It's exactly like having a second set of hair.

Source: Pinterest

16. Try a "Ye Olde Timey Beard" and people will trust you to make decisions about what kind of beer to drink.

17. This is what happens when the wind blows if you have a rad, flowing beard.

18. Don't be fooled by imposters! Only a true beard will help you win the hearts and minds of millions.

19. When you have a beard, you can lay around on the floor and be lazy and people will just think it's part of your deliciously quirky personality.

20. Beards are just the all-around best way to express yourself. That's why.


What are you waiting for?? Get out there and get your beard on! Side note: that last guy is Incredibeard, and he uses the power of his beard for good.


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dan on

umm.. then why don’t you shave or buzz your neck area? duh

Misa on

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Camila on

Looking good, Chris. I’d definitely keep it going. I had a beard for over twntey years, but whenever I half-heartedly let it grow to see if I want to regrow one, I find I get irritated, especially with the under the chin/neck area. They certainly make a lot of sense in the winter, though. Keep it up, bro’.

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