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Well not exactly 33 styles per but…

This is a collection of the popular beard style articles I found around the web.

The more the merrier right? So here goes.

The purpose of this article is to inspire those who are thinking of growing or styling their beard that there are endless variations depending on how much facial hair you have, facial structure and hair type.

Remember that before embarking on your beard growing journey try to envision how your beard will look like so you don’t get sidetracked.

Focus on the goal and you’ll be successful.

Let’s go through them one by one.


Hair + Beard Combo

10 Beard Styles 2015

Sometimes hair and beard symmetry matters. From the medium hair and beard combo to the cleaner stubble look, there is one combo that’s right for every man.


Urban Beardsman


Urban Beardsman is a lifestyle blog that’s focuses on beards. Founded by Eric Bandholz and Currie Corbin, they’ve also launched where they sell beard grooming products to help bearded men style and keep their facial hair smelling fresh and looking great.

3’s Guide's Style Guide share their guide, not just illustrations but also actual photos of men in those beard styles


5 Reasons To Go Bald With A Beard

Bald And Bearded

An exposed scalp shouldn’t stop you from growing a beard. On the contrary, it should inspire you to let it all hang out. This article will give you 5 good reasons to do so.


‘Staches And Beards

'Staches and Beards

One of the most comprehensive lists so far that I found, it features styles from celebrities, models, athletes, Hulk Hogan, world champion beard competitors and Adolf Hilter.



A Beginner’s Guide (Infographic)

A Man's Guide To Beards

Here’s a summary of 16 styles for men with different types of facial hair.


Scholar Spills The Beans On What A Man’s Facial Hair Says About Him

George Clooney

Dr. Allan Peterkin, a pogonologist (a.k.a. the beard scholar) shares a scholarly perspective on beards.


Old School Anyone?

Expanded Facial Hair

If you’re a fan of old school styles, this article from Jon Dyer is a must read.

And see how he pulls it off.


How About Some UK Flavor

Popular Styles In The UK

Popular styles in the United Kingdom based on a survey of 6,500 men.


Sexy Beard Styles From A Woman’s Perspective


Ever wondered what women think about our facial hair? Here’s what the women of had to say.


Epic Beards And Mustaches In The “Multiverse”

Epic Beards

A collection of beard styles from movie and comic industry. My all-time favorite is Wolverine.


The History Of The American Beard

History of the Amercian Beard

You’ve seen what’s popular in the UK now let’s go over stateside to see how the beard evolved in the United States.


Beard-Typography Guide

Typography Beard Guide

This infographic matches famous fonts with its beard brother.


Trendiest Beard Styles Of 2015

Beard Styles 2015

Check out the six popular beard styles for 2015.



20 Of The Manliest Beards And Staches Of All Time

Manliest Beards

The facial hair on these dudes will put Mr. T to shame. Who’s your pick?


Best Beard Type For Your Facial Shape

Best Beard Style Your Face

Here’s a handy infographic that will help you find a style that will suite your facial features.


Short Beard Styles

Short Beard Styles

If you’re not willing to part with your stubble or simply don’t want to spend a ton of time maintaining lots of facial hair then these styles may work for you.


The Best… And Worst Beards

Best and Worst Facial Hair

Josh ranks the best and worst beard styles. This article is good for at least a few laughs.


Beards Styles Over The Last 16 Decades

Beard Styles Over the Past 16 Decades

This is basically a history lesson on beards for the past 160 years.


15 Beard Styles That Define Swag

Swag Beard Styles

These styles will add a lot of swag just in case you need any more of it.


Beard Styles For Black Men

Black Men Beard Styles

50 cool beard styles that will fit African American men looking to grow out their facial hair.


What Your Facial Hair Says About You

16 Types Of Facial Hair

16 different beard styles and what it says about the man behind it.


Epic Beard Styles From Mr. Incredibeard

Mr. IncrediBeard

Mr. Incredibeard Isaiah Webb shares his latest and craziest beard styles. Definitely not for beginners. Here’s his official Instagram account for more of his crazy creations.


Cool Styles For 2016

2016 Beard Styles

Just in case you want to get ahead in the style game.


How To Find The Right Beard Style For Your Facial Shape

Find the Best Beard Style for Your Face Shape

An unique in-depth guide on picking a style based on your facial features.


35 Must Try Beard Styles

35 New Beard Styles

Even though this list is for 2014, a lot of the styles in there will still look good in 2015 and beyond.


Beard Style That Fits Your Face Shape [Infographic]

Beard Style That Fits Your Face Shape [Infographic]

Another article talks about beard style that will fit your facial features but this one comes with a neat infographic.


The Witcher 3 Beard Guide


If you have a beard and a Witcher 3 game fanatic, this is for you.


Fashionable Beards

Fashionable Beards

From lumber jack outfits to winter fashion, this is an extensive list that combines fashion and facial hair.


Why Do Bald Men Need To Grow Beards

Why Do Bald Men Need To Grow Beards

4 good reasons to grow out your facial hair when you’re bald.


How To Get A Cool Looking Beard

How To Get a Cool Looking Beard

And three good reasons why.


Which Comic Book Character Has The Best Beard?

Comic Beards

You be the judge. This is actually a forum so you could cast your vote in there. Did I mention my favorite is Wolverine’s beard?


Beards of Ministry

Pastor Beards

Just in case you’re interested what how bearded pastors may look like.

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