December 19, 2016 2 min read

6 ingenious ways to decorate your beard this Christmas

Beards and Christmas come together for the perfect hipster holiday trend

 Beards are the trend that keeps on giving.

But don't leave them shivering in the cold this winter - the hipster staple comes alive at Christmas. They’ve already been decked out with baubles. Last year, we sprinkled them with glitter. Now they’re rivalling Oxford Street for Christmas lights.

However you style it - with bells, baubles or bags of glitter - a yuletide twist to your beard is an ideal talking point for your Christmas party. Or at the very least, a festive Instagram.

We’ve rounded up the best Christmas trends for beards with the full festive trimmings.

1. Beard lights


Christmas meets disco meets beard with these hairy fairy lights. These will light up any cold winter moments. And they clip in, so you don’t have to worry about tangled wires. You can buy them here.

2. Beard glitter


At any other time of the year, beard glitter might look silly. At Christmas, it’s a perfect mix of festive cheer. Brighten up your beard here.

3. Beard baubles


This is the classic option. Make like your tree and branch into Christmas with baubles. They’re the perfect stocking filler for a festive hipster. 

4. Beard bells


For added jingle, you can fill your beard with bells. They look and sound pretty and are the perfect accompaniment to an amateur round of Christmas carols. They've available here.

5. Beard candy


Handy for a hungry hipster, candy canes are the sweet but sticky option. These are the easiest accessories to acquire - any highstreet candy will do - but probably the trickiest to assemble. We shudder to think about how to untangle those sweets.

6. Beard knits


Knitwear is cool again - and now your beard can get its fix too. This is a win-win; it keeps you warm and finally puts your aunt's knitting to good use.


By: Henry Wrong

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Augustus Sean
Augustus Sean

March 23, 2017

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