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When And Why To Use Beard Oil

So you’ve heard the rumors. Of the scores of content beardsmen. Of a product that turns the heads of thousands. Of a secret ingredient behind the world’s most successful beards. Yes, you heard right: it's Beard Oil But is it genuine? Why would you use it? And if you were bold enough to, when should you use it? Such questions bespeak a fine intellect. Just as we’d expect of a bearded gentleman. So fear not; we have your answers. Read on for all about when and why to use beard oil.


What’s Beard Oil?

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Before talking about when or why to use beard oil, it would be prudent to first know what beard oil is. As the name implies, it’s oil for your beard. But unlike other oils you may be familiar with, which may or may not be good for you, beard oil is (assuming you have a beard) most definitely good for you and your beard. Comprised of beard-conditioning carrier oils and great-smelling essential oils, beard oils are the perfect concoction for keeping your beard in good condition. Now let’s talk more about what they do — and why you should use them.


Why To Use Beard Oil

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If you’re still reading, and you haven’t rushed off to order your very own bottle of beard oil already, that means you aren’t yet persuaded on the many benefits of beard oil. You, sir, are clearly a man who likes facts. Very well. Here are some of the reasons that you should consider using a beard oil right away.


Beard oils reduce itching. By moisturizing the skin beneath your beard, which is often dehydrated by the beard drawing away moisture from it, you prevent the irritation that you’re all too familiar with.


Beard oils reduce dandruff. For the same reason as the above, dry skin beneath a beard dries up and flakes, causing the dreaded dandruff in the beard (or 'beardruff' as some say). Again, a beard oil prevents and remedies this mishap.


Beard oils make your beard more manageable. Beard oils work not only on the skin, but obviously on the beard itself. A dehydrated beard will be wiry, dry and coarse. Beard oils nourish and moisturize the beard itself, giving a beard that behaves much better — and is much easier to style.


Beard oils make your beard look better. As another consequence of the above, your beard just simply looks better. Not only does it look (and feel) smooth and soft, but being able to style it means your class factor improves tenfold. And beards are meant to be seen, so you’d be crazy not to care about how it looks.


Beard oils make your beard smell better. Finally, the essential oils in a beard oil make your beard smell great. Forget aftershave or deodorant; when you hug your woman, your beard is the first thing she smells. Make that smell irresistible, and she won’t be able to let you go.


So, that sounds like a persuasive case to us for why to use beard oil. But before you rush off to buy some, you might as well know when to apply it.


When To Use Beard Oil

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Generally, we say it’s a good idea to use beard oil once a day, although this is quite dependent on the length of your beard, the climate in which you live, and of course, the natural characteristics of your beard itself. So if you have a particularly short beard, live in a humid environment, or have a beard that naturally takes care of itself (which beards generally do not tend to do), you may get away with using every few days or so. But on the contrary, cold climates, long beards, or naturally dry or misbehaving beards may require more frequent application. The best way to tell is to try it yourself.


Time To Get Your Own

So, now that you know both why and when to use a beard oil, there’s no reason to hesitate. Find yourself a good, solid brand of beard oil, and try it out. You’ll see a difference — both in your own beard, and in other people’s reactions to it. Make neglecting your beard a thing of the past — and join those stylish ranks of the classy gentlemen who use beard oil today. Buy yours now here.

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Dada Ester
Dada Ester

November 01, 2018

small town guy making big moves. Haven’t used all beard oils just two but theyre super. prolly don’t even know but he has been a inspiration/motivation in my on goin career. so shout out to ya YAZ!


December 04, 2016

i personally use the argan oil it gives great results, but it’s a bit expensive and hard to get in it’s pure version/ good article beard oil is definitely a must for any bearded man


November 27, 2016

I personally use argan oil since we got that here in morocco

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